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GREYHAWK's Sailing Adventures

January 2011

So what is on tap for 2011?

The big adventure this year will be GREYHAWK's participation in the Bermuda 1-2 race in June. Tim will race single-handed the 635 nm from Newport, RI, to St. Georges, Bermuda, starting June 3, and then Wendy will join Tim to race double-handed from St. Georges back to Newport, starting June 16. At least that is the plan!

I'm not particularly a single-handed fanatic, but the Bermuda 1-2 is a much more accessible race for us than either the Newport to Bermuda Race or the Marion to Bermuda Race. From what I've experiences already, there is great cameraderie among the B1-2 skippers, and I'm hoping it will be a fun challenge.

GREYHAWK is currently on the hard at my Dad's house in snowy New London, NH. We have quite a bit of work to do in preparation for launching sometime in early to mid-May, in Marblehead, MA. Then I'll sail the boat down to Newport, RI, to shake her down (crew?). We have to be on the docks at the Newport Yacht Club by 0900 on Memorial Day to check in for the B1-2, although there is a race that Memorial Day weekend that might be interesting (crew?).

Countdown to the start of the Bermuda 1-2:

I haven't exactly worked out the plan for what will happen after the race, but I will probably hang out in Newport until the Awards on June 25, then deliver (crew?) the boat up to Harborfields in West Boothbay Harbor, ME, to begin the rest of the summer...

For the rest of the season, we will likely sail in Maine as usual. Although GMORA hasn't set their schedule yet, I expect we will do the Boothbay Harbor Yacht Club Regatta (crew?), the Southport Yacht Club's Seguin Island Trophy Race Series (crew?), maybe the Camden Regatta (crew, or DH?), the Monhegan Race (DH or crew?), hopefully the Northeast Harbor race (DH?), and the Maine Rocks Race (DH or SH). There might be some other races, cruises, or deliveries in there, too...

Interested in Crewing?

I've got to do the first leg of the Bermuda 1-2 single-handed, and Wendy has dibs on the one crew spot for the double-handed leg from Bermuda back to Newport. For the rest of the races and deliveries, I would welcome crew or just a double-handed partner. Obviously the details of the schedule are still up in the air, but if you have any interest, let me know!