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Boat Projects and Sailing Stories

From the Chesapeake to Newfoundland to Bermuda

We acquired the 1980 Peterson 34 offshore racing sloop "Greyhawk" in July 2005, and have been fixing it up (and cruising and racing) ever since, including in the 2011 Bermuda One-Two Yacht Race!
QUASAR San Juan 21 #555, QUASAR
We began fixing up "Quasar," our 1973 San Juan 21 trailer sailor back in 1999 (although it has been in the family since the beginning in 1973). Since 2013, QUASAR has been part of the rental fleet at West Harbor Recreation, Inc., our boat rental business in Boothbay Harbor, Maine.
Laser #811 Laser #811
Back around 1990, we installed a mast step repair kit in our Laser sailing dinghy, #811. As of 2014, we are still sailing this boat!
We also occaisionally got to sail on "Galaxy," a 1958 Galaxy 32. In years past, Galaxy was available as a floating cottage for overnight guests at Harborfields in West Boothbay Harbor, Maine ... but GALAXY was sold in 2014.

Voyage to Newfoundland Cape Dory 36, DIAPENSIA
Over the summer of 2003, we sailed to Newfoundland and back aboard "Diapensia" and maintained a web log for family and friends to follow along.
DIAPENSIA was sold in 2008.

Canoe and Dinghy
At some point, we also acquired an old wood-and-canvas canoe (that was fiberglassed over), and a fiberglass rowing dinghy (yacht tender)

Lightning #12945
Yet another boat joined our fleet in June 2005 -- a Lightning. Like some of the others, this too was in need of some major work... Unfortunately we determined the boat was too far gone and have cut it up. We do have the stainless steel centerboard, spars, sails, rudder(s) and other components available for sale -- e-mail Tim.

Timothy Thorpe Allen Sailing Experience Resume

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