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GREYHAWK's Sailing Adventures

March 2010

Blast from the past

March 22

We just received this photograph of GREYHAWK passing through the Cape Cod Canal back in 2006:

Photo by Dave Howes, Sandwich, MA

Planning for the Lobster Run

March 14 -- updated March 25

I am planning to enter GREYHAWK in the 2010 Lobster Run, a 332-nautical mile race from Stonington, CT, out around Nantucket Shoals, finishing in Boothbay Harbor, ME. See for race details.

To do a race like this (ISAF Category 2) requires significant advance preparation of both boat and crew.  We (boat and crew) have to meet a whole bunch of requirements, spelled out in the Notice of Race (NOR) and the Offshore Special Regulations (OSR). There are significant costs, and it requires a significant time commitment.


I propose the following tentative schedule leading up to the race:

Obviously, the minimum time commitment is the race itself -- show up in Stonington by the end of the day on Thursday, July 22, and free to leave whenever we get in to Boothbay Harbor. But it would really be great if the whole crew could make it to the June training session -- that's pretty much mandatory -- and it would also be great if you could come to the May session as well. The delivery is less critical (I have other crew interested in helping with that), although that would be another chance to get to know the boat and some of the crew.

Crew Requirements

I would ask crew to supply their own personal gear, including Foul Weather clothing, PFD/Harness and Tether, all in compliance with the requirements of the NOR and OSR. Make sure to get a refill kit for your inflatable PFD! (We do have a limited supply of some gear that you might be able to borrow if this is a real problem.) In addition, please bring (and use, as necessary) whatever anti-seasickness treatment is most effective for you -- some of which may require a prescription from a doctor, e.g. scopolamine patches.

Crew would also need to get themselves to Stonington for the race start, and home from Boothbay Harbor after the finish. I would, of course, try to help with arranging those logistics. For example, I do have some non-race crew who are interested in helping to deliver the boat from Boothbay Harbor down to Stonington for the start, and they would be able to drive crew vehicles from Stonington back to Boothbay Harbor. Also, I should be able to arrange a ride for crew after the race from Boothbay to Portland, where you should be able to arrange for planes, trains, or buses.

The race entry fee is $700 plus $50 per each crew-member. That is a lot of money (to me, at least), and it does not include $20 per person for the Stonington Welcome Reception, plus another $20 per person for the Boothbay Awards Ceremony! So in addition to providing your own personal equipment, it would be great if each crew member could kick in $90 for these per-person costs (I'm assuming you would want to go to the receptions!) -- that would really help!

I will take care of provisions on the boat, although you are most welcome to contribute in-kind if you wish. On the other hand, meals out on shore -- such as the receptions mentioned above, or during work and training weekends, for example -- would normally be each crew member's responsibility.

We've got the requirements for Safety at Sea and First Aid training covered, but we won't turn you away if you come with either of those! However, all the crew need to have an ISAF Classification, basically a determination as to whether you are a professional sailor or not. It's free:

It should also be understood that GREYHAWK is intended to be a smoke and drug-free environment, and we drink alcoholic beverages only after we're done sailing, and then only in moderation.

Boat Details

start here (or here if you want to follow the whole story from the beginning).

For the last two years, we have raced with a PHRF-NE Handicap of 123 racing, 138 cruising. These handicaps include a 6-second credit for a "recreational" sail inventory. One of the limitations with that, however, is that we only get to declare one spinnaker!


I just plain enjoy sailing, and part of that is trying to make the boat go faster. But I am also conservative and reluctant to push the boat too hard when conditions build, or in tight manuevering with other boats -- wipe-outs are slow, fouling or being fouled by other boats is slow, breaking the boat is slow, and breaking the crew is slow -- and none of these are really all that fun, either. I'm doing this for fun -- and of course adventure, I do love a good adventure!

If you are really interested, here is an old post I made on Sailing Anarchy that I think explains where I'm coming from.

Crew Information Form

I've put together an online form to collect needed information from crew and prospective crew, which you can fill out here...

The Rest of the 2010 Schedule?